Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Roger Von Oech's Ball of Whacks

The ball of whacks. In the packaging, this toy might appear to be just another typical "magnet toy" that is slightly costly. THAT is merely to the naked eye! This thing is amazing! There are 30 triangular magnetics in this ball, that you can attach together in a million different ways. We have this out in our store and practically every person who walks inside touches it. It's too hard not to.
Yesterday, one of the kids from the bookstore The Reading Reptile came over and we spent a good time finding some stray pieces (they usually stick to our magnetic shelves) and then we put it back together.
It also comes with a booklet giving you great tips on playing with this magical magnetic mind teaser. These people have made a few wonderful other items as well. They suggest you use them in creativity workshops, as a relaxation aide, and of course...to design and create new shapes.

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  1. This look like a lot of fun!! Awesome blog idea Page, you are most definitely the Queen of Toys :)