Monday, February 21, 2011

Sleeping Queens by Gamewright

AH! Sleeping Queens! One of the most treasured and played games we have open as demos at the toy store lately. A strategic, fast-action SNEAKY card game where you attempt to awaken twelve queens from their deep, deep slumber with the aid of (of course) some handsome kings. Five queens or fifty points, whichever one comes first wins! Recommended for ages 8 and up, definitely fun for adults too though!

There are few games that get me so excited while I wait for my turn than this one! It's like nothing I've ever played in a card game, and Gamewright is an amazing company! They let us demo all their games and you are even offered the option to review their games you buy! How fun!!

OH And I forgot the best part of all...IT WAS INVENTED BY A KID!! This kid, in fact! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Today's favorite toy is...SHRINKY DINKS!!
Shrinky Dinks are AMAZING! and I just personally discovered them this past year! Apparently they have been around for a long time, (since 1973!) but they were never around in my house. Luckily, I have the ability to vicariously live through all the kids that come in to my toy store, and I also have access to anything I didn't get to do as a craft when I was younger.

I have made some awesome earrings, charms, tree ornaments, and little doo-dads that will probably just sit in a jar (but are really fun to get out and play with every now and then)

Here are some brands of Shrinky Dinks I have used, sold, and enjoyed...
 The Klutz Shrinky Dink book is the first kind I tried. Comes with about 5 pages of shrinky dink paper AND awesome tips on what you can make! It also gives you lots of great pictures you can trace and shrink!

The Creativity for Kids Shrinky Dinks Monster Lab is so cute! Not just for Halloween, no, do not be deceived, this is for all seasons of monster loving! Not only do you get lots of cute little creatures to color and shrink, you get pipe cleaners and googly eyes and a pop-out scene to make your own little evil laboratory!! 

Shrinky Dinks brand! We get these from kind of a random source, but they are super cute as well! I keep all my extra paper in the envelope it comes with, and it gives you everything to color and shrink your own themed scenes. I did the Circus Jubilee, but there is also a Western and a Tiki Party one!

Shrinky Dinks can be made in your toaster oven and in your conventional oven. They literally take MINUTES to make, and are so fun to enjoy forever! You can make jewelry, charms for cards, or your own little toys to create a game with. Please be safe and assist your little beans when touching hot stuff!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Roger Von Oech's Ball of Whacks

The ball of whacks. In the packaging, this toy might appear to be just another typical "magnet toy" that is slightly costly. THAT is merely to the naked eye! This thing is amazing! There are 30 triangular magnetics in this ball, that you can attach together in a million different ways. We have this out in our store and practically every person who walks inside touches it. It's too hard not to.
Yesterday, one of the kids from the bookstore The Reading Reptile came over and we spent a good time finding some stray pieces (they usually stick to our magnetic shelves) and then we put it back together.
It also comes with a booklet giving you great tips on playing with this magical magnetic mind teaser. These people have made a few wonderful other items as well. They suggest you use them in creativity workshops, as a relaxation aide, and of design and create new shapes.

HABA's Toni and Tine Guardian Angels

Toni and Tine are made of high quality organically grown cotton and are SO FREAKING CUTE!! They are recommended for children age 0 and UP! I love giving them to new BEBES! and maybe also a new big brother or sister. We got them a few times at the toy store and they always fly right out! I pretty much love everything from Haba, most of their wooden stuff is made in Germany and also super cute and all-natural.


There is a blizzard in Kansas City today, and probably tomorrow also. I'm not planning on leaving my apartment, nevertheless my living room today. Here I am sitting in front of my laptop, messing around on facebook earlier and googling images of all my favorite toys to create a photo album of them, when I realized I could take it even further and start a blog about toys!
I love toys so much. There are so many things I think are the coolest ever, and so many toys I feel are very important to what kind of a little person you are raising in the world. I've worked at a toy store for five years now, and I still get excited when I see silly putty come in!
I also hope to encourage folks to get searching for their local toy store, aka their new best friend. It's so important to love your local toy store, because they know what you need in your life! A free hug from a teddy bear, or a good puzzle on a rainy day! Maybe you haven't played checkers in a while? I haven't...